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:: Lay - in - Tile Ceiling Solutions ::

Lay in tiles is made up of Gl/Aluminium sheets with thickness 0.5mm and are produced in 600mm x 600mm size. The tiles are laid into an interlocking exposed grid system to create a modular arrangement; underlined supports are made of galvanized strips. If any of the edge of the tile is more than 600mm then it is called as Plank and the thickness of the plank depends upon the size of the plank they are degreased and chemically treated in a multi stage process insuring effective paint adhesion and continuously stove enameled.


  • Provides a beautiful modular ceiling appearance.
  • Easy lift up access to avoid space behind
  • Stability of interlocking exposed grid
  • Easy maintenance
  • Used for better acoustic & thermal insulation
  • Durable and washable
  • Humidity and oxidation resistant
  • Capable of fast mounting and dismounting


Lay in tiles is produced in either perforated or non-perforated. In perforated form (acoustic ceiling), back of the tiles is covered by special black paper linings. PMI-perforated Lay in tiles are produced in variety of perforations.
  • ISquare perforations
  • Circular perforations
  • Triangular perforations
  • Straight perforations
  • Diagonal perforations
  • Perforations different sizes (as per requirement)
  • Perforations at different distance (as per requirement)
  • Leaving gallery throughout the perimeter
  • Leaving gallery of different sizes and at different places

Perforations - Sound Absorption

The 600mm x 600 mm elements are offered with plain and perforated surfaces. In order to improve the sound insulation, the 600mm x 600 mm tiles, can be complemented with sound proofing materials. The mineral wool insulation are manufactured with polyethilene protective covering, that prevents loss and fall of mineral fibres dangerous to the health.
The alternative non woven fabric is adhered to the inside of the panel. Detailed serious tests have proved that a perfect sound absorbtion can be guaranteed by perforated panels having an open surface of minimum 10% of the total surface.

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